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On behalf of all members of the Association of Small Business Owners of Nigeria, it is a great honour to brief you about our association.

A group of concerned citizens of our dear country led by Dr. Femi Egbesola were disturbed by the stunted growth of small businesses in Nigeria. After much deliberation, they decided to study deeply and with keen interest, the prospects and challenges of nano, micro and small business owners, particularly in Nigeria.

This study was undertaken to find out how the MSME sector in Nigeria has developed over time and to what extent it has performed its critical role of driving the country’s industrial transformation and development as it is being done in other developed countries.

The result of the study explained in detail, the development of MSMEs in Nigeria and identified the economic potential of MSMEs, their major problems, challenges and constraints, which have hindered them from playing the vital role in the Nigerian economic growth and development as well as made appropriate recommendations for redressing, reducing and/or eliminating them so that they could occupy their pride of place in the Nigerian economy.

The pivotal part of this study pointed to the need to establish a unified body to cater for the business needs of the sector.

While there are other business associations, it was discovered that none caters most specifically, for nano, micro and small businesses. According to the definition of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), in Nigeria, NANO/HOMESTEAD ENTERPRISES are those that employs 1 -2 persons and have assets of less than 3 million naira excluding land and building. MICRO ENTERPRISES are those that employs 3 – 9 persons and have assets of between 3 – 25 million naira excluding land and building while SMALL ENTERPRISES are those that employs 10 – 49 persons and have assets of more than 25 million naira but less than 100 million naira excluding land and building.

There were over 41 million micro and small-enterprises in Nigeria in 2017, which represented over 99 percent of the micro. small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. This MSMEs (Nano, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) .

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, SMEs account for 96% of businesses and 84% of employment creation in Nigeria Who caters for this group?

These amongst other reasons, necessitated the birth of the Association of Small Business Owners of Nigeria - ASBON.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce this association whose acronym is ASBON with the motto – Start Small, GROW BIG ......And Start Now, to you.

Micro and Small business owners across the country forms over 41.47 million enterprise with total employment in the sector put at about 51.84 million, contributing about 49.78% to the GDP (National Bureau of Statistics). If only each of the 41.47 million small business owners create just one more job every year, that is about 42 million jobs every year.

If well nurtured with the help of ASBON and other relevant agencies, this sector will generate over 6 trillion naira annually and pay tax and levies of upward of 2 trillion naira annually to government.

The association was birthed and launched by the former Governor of Ogun State -  Senator Ibikunle Amosun on Friday, 1st November of the year 2013.

In our 10 years of existence, our membership has spread to 36 states of the federation including the F.C.T numbering in thousands. We also have  affiliation with other organization in the UK, EU,China,India and the United States. We project a membership base of 20 million business owners in the next five years.

We have so far imparted positively in many small businesses by way of helping to solve the aforementioned challenges by  organizing workshops and symposia to address these challenges, interfacing with overzealous government officials who pose threats to the smooth running of business. To this course, we have a monitoring team with dedicated vehicles that runs surveillance on our members’ activities. We have a multifunctional and multifaceted cooperative multipurpose society that finance members with short and long term loans and with low interest rate. We have an advocacy media department that educate the public on viable businesses they can venture into, how to run business aright and equally interface with government agencies and organizations related to small business and growth.

This department runs a weekly program on two radio stations ( OGBC 90.5FM and EKO 89.7FM) titled - START YOUR OWN BUSINESS TODAY! And on television station (MITV) including DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES titled – BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

We run a weekly national newspaper tagged SMALL BUSINESS NEWS and a monthly news magazine with the name SMALL BUSINESS MAGAZINE.

We source for loans, grants and investment opportunities for members from other financial institutions, NGO’s, corporate organizations and other international organizations, educate members on business opportunities, advocate and represent members interest to relevant government agencies, ministries and parastatals, project members businesses through our chains of media programs, help members obtain relevant government approvals and documents including C.A.C., NAFDAC, S.O.N, TRADEMARKS and CUSTOMS papers, organize trade expos and fairs, provide data on business and the economy, design studies to improve products and/or service, open up access to markets amongst others.

It is our belief that with your involvement and support, we have a significant role to play in showcasing the positive ideas and businesses of our teeming enterpreneurs that can turn the live of millions around from poverty to prosperity and more importantly to raise generations of employers of labour. 

Furthermore, it will in no small way, contribute to the socio-economic development of our dear nation, rebrand the battered outlook of our country and inspire the younger generations to greater heights, not through corruption or mischievous practices but by dint of sheer hard work, perseverance and the right mindset.

We appeal to you to please help spread the news of ASBON, our news, your news, to the world.

Let the world know that ASBON marks the beginning of  paradigm shift of the economic landscape of our dear nation. With ASBON, history is made. ASBON marks the beginning of business unusual. With ASBON, the engine room for the development of our economy is birthed. With ASBON, the vehicle for employment generation and wealth creation was kick-started. With ASBON, we have the catalyst to help business start small and grow big.

With this brief on ASBON, we all are witnesses to history being made.

Words are not enough to express our thoughts and thanks to you for  your interest in our association. Please see yourself as partners in this ever enduring legacy called ASBON.

We encourage you to register as a member for free now and motivate others in your network circle to do so too.

Thank you for your time in reading this piece.

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Our Mission

Empowering Nigerians to embrace entrepreneurship and prosper in business for the general good of the society.


The right thought, with the right people, in the right environment, at the right time, for the right reason, always produces the right results

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, transparency, and accountability in the management of resources entrusted to it as part of the cooperate governance code
  • Zest for industrialization, job creation, employment generation and wealth creation as part of the value additive process
  • Flair for entrepreneurship development
  • Train it members on best practices on business management and corporate social responsibility
  • Effective networking with stakeholders and development partners
  • Strong advocacy on ease of doing business

Our Vision

Building generation of successful entrepreneurs.


To promote an enduring business base with the necessary entrepreneurial skills and niche market as the engine of growth and development, driving the overall goals and aspirations of the government business development policy



To Champion efforts at boosting the business and economic sector through the creation and revitalization of small businesses as the catalyst for growth and development in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Sustainable business base
  • Active Market linkage and access to cheap loan
  • Employment generation
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Networking with stakeholders
  • Advocacy with development partners
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Who We Are

  • A platform established to promote and nurture entrepreneurship amongst Nigerians.
  • A forum for Nigerian entrepreneurs to focus on issues that is crucial to the thriving of their businesses.
  • An institution for fostering an enabling environment toward the success of Nigerians in entrepreneurship.
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  • Create a forum for business men and women to consult and dialogue amongst themselves on issues of business interest.
  • Provide opportunity for business owners to share information and create linkages that will enhance the growth of their businesses.
  • Promote mentoring, modeling etc as a development tool for entrepreneurs.
  • Influence economic agenda and policies through public advocacy and group representation to Government on issues of interest to entrepreneurs.
  • Create and unbundle access to funding, market, information and capacity building
  • Provide training and re-training programs, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc for SMEs
  • Create a linkage between business owners, government and her agencies.
  • Render Consultancy Services
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To Champion efforts at boosting the business and economic sector through the creation and revitalization of small businesses as the catalyst for growth and development in the following areas:

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